Mid Year SLC 18-19: Early civilizations taking pictographs in gym

What I thought:

My preparation for SLCs has improved over the years in the sense that I’ve began to show in more depth the work that I’ve done over the semester, rather than previous years where it was more of a general update and it was more of an overlook on my work.

The Work:

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The early civilizations project was very important to me because it gives insight to how much we learned this semester, and how I worked collaboratively with my peers over these few months.

My photo series definitely shows insight into our hard work in Chemistry and what we’ve been doing for the past few months. It shows how much effort I put into my photographs and how serious I took this project.

My performance for Musical Theater highlights my days upon days of vocal work, and rehearsals to make this performance near perfect. My partners and I worked on this ensemble for literally weeks and I definitely want to show my parents clips of it.

My workout plan is something I would love to show my parents as I’ve been working very hard on my body so it can be healthy not only on the outside, but also the inside. My parents have been noticing muscle gain in my body and it wouldn’t make me any happier than showing them what has been triggering this recent change.

  1. I’m going to pull up this video once I begin teaching them the teaching piece.
  2. I’ll draw my own graph on graphing paper and draw one for my audience so we can follow along
  3. I’ll test my audience through a well thought out random polynomial to measure their learnings

Honoring my purpose: 

This learning experience honors my purpose for being in school, by reminding me that all my hard work always pays off, and that my final products will always motivate me to keep up my work ethic and strive for my goals. Planning to teach my family members brings attention to my future goals of becoming an educator.

Looking back to look forward:

This semester, the only thing that has been an obstacle towards my goals and purpose is procrastinating, one of my worst enemies when it comes to school work. Reflecting upon the semester and teaching someone my learnings will help me really grasp upon what has been happening these past few months as well as show me all the hard work I’ve been doing and the impact it has on me.


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