Chemical Identity

It is valuable to determine an item’s chemical identity because the chemical identity is the sign of how an item is composed. How the substance is changing would be through the elements in groups that has a chemical identity. I know this because when a chemical is alternated from a previous substance can make a change by the addition to the chemical. This means the identity of the chemical that included a previous group of elements, would be in a new form. I know this because in accordance to any chemical identity as a result, it would mean that the beginning product was important information based on what the chemical had contained. As a result, this means that chemical identities are the roots of further on chemical substance identities from the starting point of just an element.

End of Year SLC Blog Post

  A recurring challenge I have had this 9 weeks have been with writing. This past year in EngWHAP, we have always been writing at the beginning of each class, or having a brief reflection on an activity or book. Me and a selected partner wrote a poem in two voices, emphasizing two sides of people, called “Light and Darkness.” This poem challenged my partner and I to use adjectives describing a certain side of a person. The product really showed us that using our resources in literary terms could always help create a breathtaking poem.

     The challenge first occured to me with my mind feeling empty trying to write my side of this poem. Even thinking of a topic to write about was one of the hardest parts to get this done. I talked with my partner about two sides of people that could be written about, and our minds were blank.

     What had happened was the first idea of brainstorming different ideas. We both wrote down to comparing things we could write a beautiful poem on. With help of our english teacher, we had narrowed down our list. We decided that “Light and Darkness” would be the perfect topic to compare and contrast in a poem form.

     I now meet the challenge of deciding what to write about by first writing a list of ideas on what to write a poem or story about. Brainstorming has changed my perspective of writing because it helps me even with adding a good amount of detail, which has also been something to always work on.

     My SLC will have this Light and Darkness poem. I will include a document of the two sided poem, explaining its meaning in the detail that I plan to improve on. My next subject will be my chemistry nutrition plan, explaining how certain ways of nutrition with my family would help improve the health of all of us, and make a good balance of certain eating habits.

I will then show my most challenging drum cadence from band, which was played at battle of the bands.

Drum cadence titled “Jadacas”

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Mid-Year SLC

What I thought 

My preparation for SLCs have changed, by my resources used. In 8th grade, I had used paperwork, and have not been as prepared as the most recent student led conference. My feedback has contained questions personally about my experiences with the subjects I have presented.

The Work

This is a google slideshow of my SLC presentation. This is important because all of my digital artifacts will be presented with additional information. I enjoy this idea, because instead of gathering many documents and artifacts, it would be easier and more organized to have my whole presentation in one simple link. This is an example of how I would like my future presentations to be put together.

Now, look at a photo of a building that showcases how it is defined as modern architecture. Buildings downtown have different architecture styles. What building downtown do you think includes Gothic architecture? This hellps reflect what I have learned by showing what I have learned and explaining it.

Honoring My Purpose 

This learning experience has helped my purpose at school, by giving me something to re-teach and reflect on, giving closure and a further understanding on the work I had done, and teaching my work to someone else, concerned about what I have been working on.


Looking Back to Look Forward 

I change on what I have acted towards learning by changing my learning behavior, as cognitive dissonance for achieving a better way of doing my work. I work to change my learning styles to become a better, organized and diligent student. Showing my work and explaining the work to be more understandable, makes the importance of reflection for these subjects, core and non-core to be something to look forward to at these checkpoints of the year.

English History civilizations Blog Post Minerva Palacios

What I originally thought about the idea of the Mayan and the Inca civilization was that the Mayan civilization was tied to the Aztec civilization, in their cultures.

How I created my museum was by using these artifacts of the Mayan and Inca culture, was by investigating their customs and traditions, by value. 

I created my museum this way, to easily understand the uses of these artifacts in the Mayan and Inca culture, also giving a useful and compelling way to see opposing ways of life styles. I had met the standards of consistent facts resembling that this has relations to my learning of how different cultures have similar, different, and shared cultures, for example, the Mayan flute.

I could change the aspect of this learning by the certain artifacts chosen in its detail explained in different ways. Now i think about the word civilization is that there are many different ways that civilizations are made up with cultures’ aspects in the time periods, values, and traditions o  the way people live, not just by stereotypes.