Skate Board Project

In Engineering class we were giving the task to make and design our own skate boards. We also had to write an essay about how we came back from a bad experience, we called this having a skate boarders mentality. I wrote about a time I had to finish work for Human Geography on the last day of the semester that would put my grade up to passing. I was so focused on the essay and the different saw test that I never got a chance to make my skate board. Even if I wanted to make a skate board I still couldn’t, my class had run out of veneer. I thought that there would be no way I would be able to get a grade on my skate board. that’s when I met my partner, Miranda. We had worked on a previous project before. I found out that Miranda was afraid of saws and that she already glued up a skate board. this was the perfect opportunity for a co-lab. I asked my teacher and Miranda if I could work with her and they both said yes. I cut the skate board out and sanded the edge until it was nice and smooth. Miranda helped me paint the board and get it ready to put up at a  local skate board shop.

Maker-Faire Project

For my Makerfaire project in engineering class  I first wanted to make a action figure from Dragon ball Z.  I started to design Vegito from Dragon Ball Z. Unfortunately I quickly realized that the action figure would take to long because I didn’t have the necessary  tools to make him, so I decided to scrap the project and join a new group. I joined the Frankenstein toys group with Miranda and Daisy.  I learned how to the sow the correct way and how to express my ideas. We created 5 cute Frankenstein stuffed animals and  took them to the Makerfaire. At the makerfaire we explained our design process and how we came up with the creation of our stuffed animals.