Bumps,Gravity,and the Unfamiliar


        In my HS Prepping class, Mrs. Sauter, my teacher, explained to us that we will start our end of the year project. “Our end of the year project will be called Bumps,Gravity, and the Unfamiliar. It will include y’all learning how to make skateboards using new power tools, writing an essay about reflecting on part of your life, and creating an art piece onto your finished skateboard. Then you will display your skateboard at a skate shop for about a year and then you will get to take them into your possession.”  After I heard the information about the project, I felt thrilled, optimistic, and prepared to start this new assignment.

    To begin the project, Mrs. Sauter created modules or stations on google classroom for each activity we will be doing to create this skateboard so we can be starting other stations at the same time and not be disorganized. The different stations were reflect, build, design,and cut; she also gave us a calendar for starting and when it’s time to do the next module.  After my classmates and I found out what module we are in, we begin starting the first task of our new, exciting, and original project.

      My first module was build and in this station I began making my skateboard. Before I began building my skateboard, I had to watch a video and read instructions on how to properly glue my skateboard together.   After I finished reading the instructions, I began putting those steps into action. First I stacked the two different types of wood in the correct order. Next ,with Mrs. Sauter’s help, we glued the pieces of wood together and stacked them back together. Then, we put the veneer in an air vacuum and it pressed the pieces of wood together to create long rectangle type skateboard that took seven hours to press.

       My next module was reflect and in this station we had write an essay about part of our that reflected on. First I had to write three essays using the kernel structures that our English teacher made  for us as a guide. Next, I wrote my three essays,using the good job structure and then chose one essay  that I wanted to use for this project. Lastly, i revised my essay , then typed it into a doc and turned it in.

      My next station was cut and in this module we had to cut our veneer into the shape of a skateboard. First, I traced my veneer using an old, used , and broken down skateboard. Then I used the band saw to cut my veneer out, I sanded my skateboard using a sander, and used the router saw to route my edges of my in progress skateboard. Next I drilled holes into my skateboard using the drill press and sanded the rest of my board down.

     My last station was design and in this module I was going to design , sketch,and paint my skateboard. First, I drew what sketches I wanted on my board. Next, I started painting my Wu-tang drawing and then painted my background color, black. Then Mrs. Sauter and I made stencils using the silhouette machine for my zombie and skull pictures. Last I painted those designs using the stencils and then let it dry overnight.

      The next day my classmates and I walked to Alta Vista Skate shop to hang our skateboards. I felt joyful,satirized, and blessed to have my work displayed. After that we walked back to our school, Mrs. Sauter got us pizza and we were finally finished with our skateboard project.

        During this project I learned how to use new tools, learned how to make stencils, and worked on my writing skills. This skateboard project was cool , entertaining , and a good learning experience. I’m glad I had an opportunity to make a skateboard and I hope I could do this again someday or maybe teach someone else how to make a skateboard using this process.



    My makerspace teacher, Mrs. Sauter, explained to my class about our new, exciting and creative project. “The San Antonio Library is hosting a Maker Faire and we are invited to display your amazing projects that you will be creating on your own or with a partner,” Mrs.Sauter said. I immediately thought of a project that I helped do last year that was fun , simple, and I wanted to expand on it to make it more complex. My idea was to make lamps using the laser cutter using recycled cardboard and sell them to people to raise money for our school. A few of my classmates decided to join me, Mateo and Jonathan, because they liked my idea and wanted to help me achieve it.

         To start the project, Mrs.Sauter gave us paper so we can break down our project by explaining what its about, what supplies we are going to use, and why it’s worth sharing in the Maker faire. After we finished writing our explanation on the paper, we had to give it to Mrs.Sauter and get her approval on it. A few weeks past, we got our project approved and began drawing our idea in our engineering notebooks.        

       Then, we moved on to making our project come to life and this process took a lot of trial and error. First, my group and I went on the internet to find a design we want for our sides and bottom of our lamp to be. Mrs. Sauter gave us a website called, vectorstock.com, to find an awesome, creative , and intriguing outline design. Once we picked out a design that will captivate the people’s eyes, we rapidly started making changes on our design so, it can match up with the dimensions we wanted the size of the lamp to be.

     Jonathan and I went on the website called, inkscape, to make the changes to our design, which was difficult because it took time and patience. While we we were doing that, a few of our other classmates Robert and Nathan, helped Mateo on using the table saw to cut boxes of cardboard for our lamps. Once Jonathan and me finished making the irritating changes on the website, we went on to using the laser cutter to bring our creation to life. First, we had to use the laser cutter website to upload our files and then we had to put the correct settings to cut our layout for our lamp. It took a while to get the correct settings but after a few pieces of burnt, torn,and destroyed cardboard, we finally got our ending. product.

Final product.      :

      When we finished cutting out all our sides for the lamps , my group started putting the kits together and made sure everything was ready to sell for the Makerfaire.

A picture from the Makerfaire :


        This project was challenging because I learned there are times when you want to give up and throw everything away but you just got keep on trying and keep your mind on the goal you’re trying to achieve. I’m glad I had the help of Ms. Sauter and my classmates because I wouldn’t have completed this project without them and I probably would have given up from the beginning of the project and not have achieved anything.