Community Update: Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sunday, December 15th, 2019

Dear Advanced Learning Academy Families,

It has been wonderful to see so many families over the last two weeks at our TamALAda, performances, and exhibitions!  Our ALA and CAST Tech theatre students will be hosting the last ALA event of the calenda year, 2nd Annual Chili Cook Off on Thursday, December 19th at 6:30pm in the ALA Theatre.  Families are invited to join us for the competition, or come enjoy some amazing food and entertainment from all grade levels.  Tickets are $5 for chili. Please let us know if you plan to participate in the chili competition through this RSVP form. All families, grades pre-k through 12th, are invited to attend. If you have any questions please email,,, and   

We are celebrating Holiday Spirit Week beginning tomorrow at ALA FT.  All 4th-12th grade students along with faculty and staff are invited to participate!   

ALA Euclid will also celebrate Holiday Spirit Week following the schedule above.  In addition, our PK-3 students are also welcome to wear pajamas on Friday, December 20th.  On the 20th, our ALA Euclid students will also be celebrating a wonderful first semester of learning with their classrooms and villages, at the following time: 

1-2pm Village B Winter Party

1:45-2:45pm Village C Winter Party

2-3pm Village A Winter Party

2pm PK Holiday Song Celebration in Gym

As we continue to expand our ALA Euclid Loose Parts Playground we are accepting donations such as tires (with holes to drain water), tree trunks (large, immovable), tree rounds, pinecones, old pots and pans, sturdy cooking utensils (wood, metal, silicone), treated lumber, pallets, large spools, flower pots, hay bales, river rocks, shells, and large rocks. Our ALA FT campus is also currently accepting donations of tissues and hand sanitizer.  Donations may be dropped off in the ALA FT or ALA Euclid front office. 

Regarding dismissal traffic at ALA FT, we have noticed that cars attempting to turn left on Quincy Avenue from Buffalo Lane often have to wait lengthy periods of time because they are attempting to cross several lanes in order to turn north on San Pedro. We would like to remind families that you may make a right on San Pedro and use the traffic circle to access San Pedro northbound.  This route is often faster and safer! 

This will be the last weekly community update until Sunday, January 5th, 2020, two days before we return from winter break because Monday, January 6th is a student holiday.  I wish you and your family a peaceful holiday season.



Kathy Bieser 

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